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After his mother showed signs of dementia, Bobby had to take on the gut wrenching task of moving his mother into a nursing home. She was a spitfire with a mouth like a truck driver. To deal with the emotion and guilt Bobby took his mom's pithy sayings and shared them on social media. Sharing with the Hashtag #ShitMyMamaSays. This became a humorous way to deal with the stress and connect with others who have traveled the same path. After losing his mother at the beginning of the pandemic and suffering with Covid-19 himself Bobby Hedglin-Taylor began to write and in the 16 months of quarantine wrote two books to memorialize her amazing sense of humor. The first two books are #ShitMyMamaSays and Escape to Ravioli Mountain-A Memoir in Food. Bobby hopes that you will enjoy his mother coming to life through these quotes and her incredible spirit.